Making of 'Swept Away' (2002)

Making of 'Vicky And The Treasure Of The Gods' (2011)

Making of 'Captain Phillips' (2013)

Shallow Water Tank at Mediterranean Film Studios

Set Construction

Wind Machines at Water Tanks

  • Advice and information on all your filming needs in Malta
  • Obtaining the maximum cash rebate possible on the qualifying expenditure incurred in Malta
  • Taking charge of the creation and expenditure of the ‘below-the-line’ budget.
  • Negotiate rates of pay, and conditions of employment, ensuring compliance with regulations and codes of practice; negotiate, approve and arrange the rental and purchase of all production materials, equipment and supplies. Thanks to a very good working relationship with suppliers we will obtain the best and most competitive rates possible
  • Overseeing the search for locations, sign location releases on behalf of the production company, and liaise with local authorities and the Police regarding permits
  • Overseeing local casting requirements
  • Sourcing all production requirements including, for example, accommodation, transportation, work permits
  • Setting up and implementing financial monitoring system and controlling production expenditure
  • Monitoring and controlling the progress of production
  • Overseeing production paperwork, such as releases, call sheets, and daily progress reports
  • Signing and authorisation of purchase orders, and helping the Production Accountant to prepare cost reports
  • Making changes to the budget as required, and ensuring that these changes are brought to the attention of all relevant personnel
  • Dealing with any personnel problems or issues that may arise, and ensuring that all Health and Safety regulations are adhered to
  • At the end of the shoot:
    • Ensure that all final invoices for services provided are received, checked and passed for payment
    • Oversee that locations are signed off in accordance with agreements, and that all rental agreements are terminated, and equipment returned on time
    • Filing of all returns
    • Overseeing the submission of all final applications for incentives and rebates and ensuring the maximum is obtained
    • Claiming back the Value Added Tax on all goods and services


Financial Control