Byron (2003)

Tonno Nostromo - TVC (2010)

Captain Phillips (2013)

Roman Mysteries 2 (2008)

Daniel Deronda (2002)

Sinbad (2012)

Why Film in Malta?

Malta is situated in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, 93km south of Italy. Although the total area of it’s 3 islands is just 316 km², it is steeped in history and cultural diversity, owing to the number of nations and peoples who have occupied the islands over the centuries. These all left behind their own indelible mark, which can be seen in the country’s architecture, religion, language, customs and traditions. Malta became part of the European Union in 2004. The official languages are English and Maltese. The currency is the Euro.

Over the past 15 years Malta has become a hub of filming activity. Malta has a number of attractive assets for production companies, for example:

• Very good incentives offered by The Government of Malta to film here
Accessibility to diverse filming locations,
• The world famous water tanks (Mediterranean Film Studios),
• The unique backlot in the ancient Fort Ricasoli,
• An ever increasing number of experienced local crew and suppliers
Competitive rates especially when compared to other European countries
• Varied look of extras available on the island,
• Malta’s geographic accessibility to the island and within the island,
• Malta’s temperate climate and long hours of sunshine,
English as an official language

As testimony to the above, Malta has been host to an extremely long list of film and television productions such as “U-571”, “Gladiator”, “The Count of Monte Cristo”, “Troy”, “Munich”, “The Da Vinci Code”, “Agora”, “The Devil’s Double”, “Game of Thrones, “Sinbad”, numerous commercials, and, 3-D films such as “Wickie On A Long Journey” and “Asterix and Obelix – God Save Britannia”, both of which Katryna was Production Manager for.

Malta Financial Incentives

The Malta Government offers financial incentives to audiovisual productions filming in Malta. Feature film, Television film or Television Series or Mini-Series, Animation, Creative documentary, Transmedia and crossmedia productions are all eligible for the incentives.The incentives come in the form of a Cash Rebate and apply to expenditure incurred during production in Malta on EU services . Through this scheme, and once filming is complete, you can receive up to 27% of your eligible expenditure (please contact me should you require a full list of eligible expenditures).  The percentage to be received is assessed on the basis of a Cultural Test.

Value Added Tax in Malta is charged at 18%. This is fully refundable on all goods and services.

The Government of Malta, under various legislations, also offers various tax credits, and gives filmmakers the possibility to produce and distribute audiovisual productions from Malta and pay the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU. Investment aid for audiovisual facilities is also available under the Malta Enterprise Act. The aid is offered in the form of tax credits to a qualifying company in respect to an initial investment project in relation to qualifying expenditure. 

Filming on Location

If you’re planning a location shoot, the Maltese Islands, have a variety of locations and “looks” to choose from – from beaches and cliffs to palaces, castles and temples to various landscapes and cityscapes, be it European, Baroque or contemporary Middle Eastern, out at sea or in the controlled environment of the water tanks. Either I and /or the Location Manager will endeavour to find the right location to suit your needs and will negotiate with the location owner (public or private) ~ a local contact will find locations, negotiate with owners and agree contracts in a much more effective and efficient way. A very good understanding of the requirements of local authorities when seeking permissions to film in public spaces and on the application process is also very important, be it from the police, the local council, or the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA)Location Scouting Katryna (along with her team when necessary) can source, clear and secure locations, can obtain filming permits, can book equipment, accommodation, transport and any other requirements you might have while filming in Malta. If you choose to film in Malta or need advice on locations, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Filming at the Water Tanks

Mediterranean Film Studios (MFS) is a special effects water facility with its three marine tanks positioned along the coast so as to create a natural horizon. It has a vast range of water SFX equipment, and water-SFX crew, who can also do any other form of special effects. MFS is also renowned for the skills of its experienced team of craftsmen who can respond to any construction challenge. With 46 years of operation, MFS is one of the largest and most complete production facilities in the Mediterranean. Having serviced over 200 feature films, television movies, series and commercials, the company has an outstanding track record as a reliable and efficient studio.

Backlots and Sound Stages

Fort Ricasoli, built by the Knights of Malta, is a very popular and frequently used backlot. Large-scale film sets, such as those of Gladiator, Troy and Agora, were built and shot here. It’s 17-acre space acts as a unique open soundstage, allowing period sets to blend in with the existing surroundings. Th
e fort is 200m from the Mediterranean Film Studios and is controlled by the Government Property Division and the MFC.

Crew and Suppliers

Over the past years, Malta has built a notable crew of production personnel, make-up artists, costumers, grips, electricians, stunt coordinators, casting teams etc. who are widely experienced in working with international productions and possess the ingenuity and flexibility necessary for the smooth running of any production process. Also, as mentioned above, MFS offers a vastly experienced team of craftsmen for construction of sets whether you’re filming at the studios or not, as well as an SFX crew. With regards to suppliers, there are a large number of reliable and experienced companies who have worked on international films on the island, such as shipping, accommodation, transportation, cranes and heavy machinery, facility and technical vehicles, etc. as well as suppliers of lighting and grip equipment.


Cash Rebate

  • VAT is charged at 18% (Refundable) 18%